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Chapter 3. Preparing Your Computer and Material

Chapter 3. Preparing Your Computer and Material

In This Chapter

  • Reducing hard drive clutter

  • Defragmenting your hard drive

  • Preventing interruptions from scheduled programs

  • Adding memory to improve performance

  • Converting files to archival formats

  • Organizing your files for easy retrieval

Many folks ask me, “Can't I just record whatever's on my hard drive?” The answer, of course, is yes—once your DVD recorder and its software have been successfully installed, you're “technically” ready to burn discs. However, I don't recommend that you rush right into recording without taking a few simple steps first—without this preparation, you may:

  • Run out of space to hold the files you want to record (or your recording software may run out of temporary file space in the middle of a burn, which is even worse).

  • Degrade the performance of both your recorder and your entire system.

  • Record documents and files that you may not be able to read five years in the future.

  • Record files haphazardly, making it harder to find the files you're looking for when you need them the most.

In this chapter, I'll show you the preparations you should take before you record your first disc—these steps will reduce the possibility of recording errors and speed up the burning process. You'll also find tips and tricks you can use to organize and standardize your files…it's a good bet that you'll benefit from these preparations the next time you load one of your discs!



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