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Chapter 12. Making Movies with ArcSoft S... > Creating a Different Look with Effec...

Creating a Different Look with Effects

Effects can add an entirely new dimension to all of your media elements—for example, one of my favorite effects, Film Grain, is perfect for turning that video clip you shot yesterday into “antique” 8-mm movie footage! Other filters you'll use often include vertical and horizontal hold “problems” (in the TV album), wacky frames that you can add around the borders of a clip (in the Fun Frames album), and the Blur and Ripple effects in the Filters album.

✓ Follow these steps to add an effect to your movie:

Add all of the stills and video clips you need for your movie, then click the Effects tab in the media library to display the list of effects. To switch effects albums, click on the album drop-down list box.

Click the entry in the media list for the effect you want to use.

Click Add Effect to copy the effect into the next open block on the Effects row—remember, the Effects row appears alongside the timeline strip; therefore, ShowBiz automatically switches to the timeline strip display (if necessary) as soon as you add an effect or a text title.

Drag the beginning and ending edges of the effect to specify where the desired effect will start and when it will finish during the movie—note that you can also click and drag the entire effect block along the row to wherever you like during the movie. You can have only one active effect at a time, but the effects can follow each other in sequence.



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