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Chapter 12. Making Movies with ArcSoft S... > Building a Movie from Media Elements

Building a Movie from Media Elements

Creating a movie is easy within ShowBiz: You add the elements that you want to appear in linear order, moving from left to right. Usually, these media elements will be video clips and still images that you've added to your library, but they can also include text titles, effects (where a special look is applied to an image or a scene) and transitions (an animation or special effect that occurs between scenes and images).

✓ To create a movie using the storyboard strip, follow these steps:

If you've been working with ShowBiz on another project, click New under the Project menu—ShowBiz gives you the option of saving the existing project before closing it.

Decide what you want to appear first in your movie—either a video clip or a still image—and click on the Media tab in the media library to display the elements of that type. To switch to another album, click the drop-down list arrow next to the album name.


To view a media element before you decide to add it to the storyboard strip, right-click on the element in the list and choose Preview Media from the pop-up menu. ShowBiz displays the element in the Player window.

ShowBiz offers two methods of adding the element: You can either click and drag the element from the media library to the storyboard, or you can click the element you want to add and click the Add button at the bottom of the media library display. Either way, it appears in the next open media square on the storyboard. Figure 12.4 illustrates a still image I've added as the first element in the storyboard display.

Figure 12.4. I'll use a still image to begin my movie.



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