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How do I create discs for other operating systems? - Pg. 227

Hewlett-Packard Technical Support's Frequently Asked Questions 227 Why can't I read my recorded CDs on another computer? There are a few different issues that can affect what we call disc interchange , or reading a burned CD on another computer system or CD device. CD-R vs. CD-RW Media CD-R discs are recommended for any CDs you wish to take to another computer system. CD-RW can be used, but some older CD-ROM readers will have problems accessing the information on these discs. If the CD-ROM reader has a MultiRead icon on the front plate, that drive will be able to read RW media. Using Roxio's Easy CD Creator or CD Copier Deluxe These two burning applications write to the CD in the standard track format, adding a table of con- tents to the end of the session. This method of writing is most widely recognized by other CD devices and will increase the chance for successful disc interchange. Even with this method, however, the preceding information about CD-RW media still applies. Using Easy CD Creator or CD Copier Deluxe with RW media may still create difficulties reading the infor- mation, unless the reader device is MultiRead-capable. Using CD-R with this software, however, affords you the best chance of reading your created CDs on another computer and is the recom- mended method. How do I clean my HP CD or DVD recorder?