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Chapter 5. Drag-and-Drop Recording with HP DLA

Chapter 5. Drag-and-Drop Recording with HP DLA

In This Chapter

  • Formatting and writing DLA discs

  • Ejecting a DLA disc

  • Adding files to an existing DLA disc

  • Project: Creating a Genealogy Archive Disc

  • Project: Recording and Finalizing a PowerPoint Presentation Disc

UDF (short for Universal Disc Format) recording, also called packet writing, is practically the perfect method of burning data files over an extended period of time. You can copy files to or delete them from a CD-R (or, if you're using the HP-Writer DVD200-series drive, a DVD+R) UDF disc as you would a floppy drive, a ZIP drive, or a hard drive. In fact, if you can save a file using drag-and-drop, Windows Explorer, or any other Windows application, everything is transparent—you don't have to worry about running a separate program, creating a layout, or recording a session.

Naturally, UDF can team up with rewriteable CD-RW and DVD+RW discs, too—most computers with a DVD-ROM drive running Windows or Mac OS can read a DVD+RW UDF disc, and any computer with a MultiRead CD-ROM drive can read a CD-RW UDF disc. Because both of these media types can be reformatted and used again, your DVD+RW drive becomes what many computer owners consider the “perfect” removable media drive!

The Hewlett-Packard DVD-Writer drive comes complete with HP DLA (short for Drive Letter Access), a complete UDF formatting and burning application; I'll use this program while covering how to format a UDF disc, how to copy files to it, and how to eject it properly when you're done. Our three projects for this chapter illustrate how you can create a removable disc for carrying files between your work and your home computers, how to record a DVD genealogy archive disc that you can update whenever you like, and how to burn a PowerPoint presentation disc that's finalized for use in any PC CD-ROM drive.



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