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Saving Project Settings

The preceding section described how to customize the New Project Settings parameters. What a waste of time it would be if you had to set those every time you started a new project. Fortunately, you do not need to write them down (or worse, try to remember them from week to week). You can choose to save these settings and reuse them on your next project that requires the same type of settings. You can open Premiere, customize your settings, and then save them. Then the next time you edit, simply select the name of the settings you saved in the Load Project Settings window. This allows you to rapidly recall all the settings used for a particular project or apply “reusable” settings for various projects. This saves you the time of having to go through all these options every time you begin working on a project. For example, you might choose to create a setting for outputting a project to videotape. This setting might have various parameters set for reproducing the highest quality. You might also create a setting for maximizing content for the web. These parameters would be very different from those for outputting to tape. To save a project's settings, do the following:

Customize all the parameters throughout the Project Settings window.

Click the Save button.

Enter a name for these settings in the Save Project Settings window, as shown in Figure 1.10.

Figure 1.10. The Save Project Settings window allows you to save your customized settings to use for other projects.

(Optional) Enter a description to help identify with what type of project these settings would work best.

Click OK.



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