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Chapter 6. Image Manipulation Within Tim... > Getting Just the Right Color (Correc... - Pg. 138

Image Manipulation Within Timeline Segments Getting Just the Right Color (Correction) Ideally, you want color bars to be recorded on every source tape you use so that you can verify the signal levels, hues, color phases, and so on and make any corrections necessary in order to reproduce the signal as accurately as possible. However, your footage might appear too red or too green. My recommendation is to use the controls on your deck or from your capture card (if available) during the initial digitizing portion of your project so that you digitize and work with footage at the proper video levels and hues. If you don't have all those fancy controls available to you, you can use Premiere's filters to color-correct your image back to normal. To adjust your image's color levels, do the following: 1 2 3 Select the clip in the timeline that you want to fix. Open the Video Effects Palette (if it's not already open). Select Color Balance from the Adjust folder, as shown in Figure 6.25. Figure 6.25. Premiere's default filters include tools to adjust the color levels of your clips.