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Memory Joggers

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you'd remembered a particular tactic or thing to say? Particular interventions that may be suitable for a given situation can be easily forgotten if you don't have a cheat sheet handy. Here are some intervention ideas for facilitators.

  1. Use feeling words—angry, like, happy, and so forth—to help people identify their feelings.

  2. If discussions are following two different tracks, point this out and ask for a priority.

  3. Keep track of points to come back to.

  4. Summarize to provide clarity, stimulate learning, and keep the team on track.

  5. Be human! Don't remove your feelings from your interactions.

  6. Be aware of nonverbal communication. Survey the entire group about once every three to five minutes.

  7. Avoid focusing attention on yourself.

  8. Reword interventions or feedback if the participant doesn't understand what you said.

  9. Invite others into discussions between two people who are “stuck.”

  10. Remember that “why” questions invite analysis and, therefore, “analysis paralysis.”

  11. Be logical and objective during periods of high energy, and use your intuition during periods of low energy.

  12. Move! Move from the front of the room to the side or back, or sit down.

  13. Remember that there are a variety of interventions, and none of them is right or wrong in any given situation.

  14. Trust the process!



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