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Virtual Team Building > Create Balance

Create Balance

The ideal virtual team can balance collaboration and control, the individual, and the group. Virtual teams usually are autonomous: Team members are responsible for their own work habits and work products. On the other hand, any team, virtual or traditional, relies on collaboration to reach a shared goal. Collaboration depends on interdependence. A balance must be maintained, especially in a virtual environment, between an autonomous nature and the need for interdependence.

Assessment of Virtual Teams

Performance measures for virtual team members and the team as a whole should be more concrete and results oriented than for a traditional team. Results-oriented measurements provide objective, reliable methods for measuring whether the team is on track, and whether individual members are functioning at a level that enhances the team structure and performance.

The following tool can be used either for individual or team assessment. Team members also can use it as a self-assessment.

Assessment Tool 
Skill levels: 1 = low 2 = medium 3 = high 
Capable of developing plans that include a schedule._________
Capable of developing strategies to stay on task within a virtual environment._________
Can devise and use networking activities._________
Can plan/participate in remote meetings._________
Capable of recognizing and acting on feedback._________
Capable of adding to interaction among members._________
Understands the relationship of each member to the team and to the team goal._________
Can collaborate with a single member or with the group._________
Knows that individual behaviors can affect team productivity._________
Has a method of documenting and reporting results._________
Understands document storage and retrieval methods._________
Has a functional understanding of technology used._________
Can create and utilize incentives for productivity._________
Knows and uses performance measurement tools._________
Communicates clearly and within specified timeframes._________
Keeps commitments._________



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