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Launching a Successful Team > Defining Roles and Responsibilities - Pg. 5

Launching a Successful Team For each question on the Mission Statement Worksheet, use at least one sheet of paper on a flip chart, and have members of the team call out ideas that relate to that question. All suggestions, no matter how wild, should be recorded on the paper. The suggestions should be noted and recorded until the energy level in the room begins to drop. Post the large sheets of paper around the room, and give everyone the opportunity to go around and look at each sheet. As a group, identify patterns and themes that emerged from the brainstorming exercise, looking for common words and repetition. Discuss how these themes might fit together to form a mission statement. As a group, draft a mission statement using this strategy: First, ask individual team members to write a mission statement for the team. Next, bring team members together in small groups of three or four and ask them to share their individual statements and create a mission statement from their small group. Finally, bring the entire team together to share the small-group mission statements and to build from those to a single mission state- ment for the entire team. If time allows, the group may continue the discussion to arrive at a final, polished version of the statement. Equally effective, a subgroup of the team may be assigned to make revisions and bring the statement back at a later time for approval by the team. Whichever method you choose, make sure that the completed mission statement: · is understandable, particularly to people who are not members of the team · refers to specific customer needs the team is trying to meet · indicates how the team will conduct its work · reflects challenging but achievable goals · expresses the mission in a way that will help focus effort, guide decisions, solve problems, and provide inspiration. 5 Mission Statement Worksheet As a team member, you can use this worksheet to record your understanding of the team's purpose and your ideas about what you want the team to be like. Use a separate piece of paper if you need more room to capture