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Chapter 24. Involving the Team in Settin... > Goal-Setting Roles for Team Members ...

Goal-Setting Roles for Team Members and Leaders

Like other critical skills, goal setting may take practice. An effective way for the team to work together to establish goals and standards and the action plans to achieve them is by filling the roles as outlined below.

Team Member Leader
Helps establish performance goals and standards. This is a “self-contract” for achievement and a commitment to deliver a result for the team. Ensures team goals are achievable but challenging enough to meet organizational needs and provide a sense of accomplishment.
Develops methods to measure results and checkpoints for control purposes. Helps balance the complexity of measures and controls with value received.
Outlines the action required to accomplish goals and standards. Participates with the team to test the action plan’s validity against alternatives.
Specifies participation required from colleagues or other units within the organization. Reviews what cooperation and support are required and helps obtain them if necessary.
Reports progress as work is performed. Seeks guidance and assistance when needed. Adjusts plan as required. Follows the progress of the work. Reinforces achievement and assists in problem solving when indicated. Ensures targets are met, or modified if circumstances so indicate.



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