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Part I: Designing a Successful Blueprint... > The Benefits of Team Building

Chapter 6. The Benefits of Team Building

If a leader does not place a high value on teamwork, it will not occur. But leaders sometimes assign a low priority to team building because they have not considered the advantages that can accrue from a well-executed team effort. Teamwork takes conscious effort to develop and continuous effort to maintain. But well-executed team efforts can result in big rewards, as listed below. Check ( ) those you would like to achieve with your teams.

The team and individual members can set realistic, achievable goals because those responsible for doing the work contribute to setting the goals.

Employees and leaders commit to support one another.

Communication is open. The expression of new ideas, improved work methods, and problems and concerns is encouraged.

Problem solving is more effective because the team’s expertise is available.

Performance feedback is more meaningful because team members understand what is expected and can monitor their performance against expectations.

Conflict is understood as normal and viewed as an opportunity to solve problems. Through open discussion it can be resolved before it becomes destructive.

Balance is maintained between group productivity and the satisfaction of personal team members’ needs.

The team is recognized for outstanding results, as are individuals for their personal contributions.

Members are encouraged to test their abilities and try out ideas, which stimulates individuals to become stronger performers.

Team members recognize the important of disciplined work habits and conform their behavior to meet team standards.

Learning to work effectively as a team in one unit is good preparation for working as a team with other units. It is also good preparation for advancement.



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