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Chapter 4. Group-Centered Managers vs. Team-Centered Leaders

See how team-centered leadership differs from group-centered management and think about which qualities best describe you at this time.

Group-Centered Team-Centered
Overriding concern to meet current goals inhibits thought about what might be accomplished through reorganizing to enhance member contributions. Current goals are taken in stride. Can be a visionary about what the people can achieve as a team. Can share vision and act accordingly.
Reactive to upper management, peers, and employees. Finds it easier to go along with the crowd. Proactive in most relationships. Exhibits personal style. Can stimulate excitement and action. Inspires teamwork and mutual support.
Willing to involve people in planning and problem solving to some extent, but within limits. Can get people involved and committed. Makes it easy for others to see opportunities for teamwork. Allows people to perform.
Resents or distrusts employees who know their jobs better than the manager. Looks for people who want to excel and can work constructively with others. Feels role is to encourage and facilitate this behavior.
Sees group problem solving as a waste of time or an abdication of managerial responsibility. Considers problem solving the responsibility of team members.
Controls information and communicates only what group members need or want to know. Communicates fully and openly. Welcomes questions. Allows the team to do its own filtering.
Ignores conflict between staff members or with other groups. Mediates conflict before it becomes destructive.
Sometimes slow to recognize individual or group achievements. Makes an effort to see that both individual and team accomplishments are recognized at the right time in an appropriate manner.
Sometimes modifies group agreements to suit personal convenience. Keeps commitments and expects the same in return.



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