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We have all heard the expression “two heads are better than one.” The benefits of getting people to generate and share ideas together are clear:

Diverse perspectives lead to better decisions

More ideas increase the odds that your team will come up with better solutions

When all the key players are working together there’s greater buy-in and involvement

But how do you get people to share and generate ideas together—and creative ones at that? How do you maximize the value of team collaboration while minimizing the drawbacks of meetings? How do you generate ideas as a team and ensure that everyone is heard and that the team’s collective wisdom is used?

This book will give you the tools to tap into your team’s creativity, maximize participation, and achieve greater productivity. You can use these easy-to-follow instructions to design your team meetings involving idea generation. The result will be greater collaboration and creativity. The tools will guide you and your team in:

Generating creative ideas

Unleashing the team creative spirit

Maximizing everyone’s creative fulfillment

Increasing the energy level and fun quotient at your meetings

Ensuring that all team members contribute

Maximizing the team performance

Building the team by improving teamwork and communication skills

When do you use these tools? Whenever you have a group of people and your goal is to come up with great ideas: at executive retreats, product development sessions, training programs, and strategic planning and visioning sessions.

We wish you success in inspiring your teams toward more creative collaboration!

Bruce Honig Alain Rostain

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