Bruce Honig is principal and founder of Honig IdeaGuides, a facilitation, training, and consulting group specializing in the development of individual creativity, group collaboration, strategic innovation, and teamwork. Bruce has focused his 23 years of consulting experience on the development of organizational creativity and team collaboration.

Bruce holds a B.A. degree in educational philosophy and an M.A. in educational psychology and curriculum design. He conducted research in creative behavior and design at Farwest Laboratories for Educational Research and Development in San Francisco. Using a systems approach, he developed a theory and program for promoting creative action that later became the basis for his consulting firm.

Coverage includes—

  • To explain the place of idea generation in the team creative process

  • To introduce quick and easy ways to warm up a team or group before embarking on a creative activity, such as strategic planning, problem solving, visioning, or product development

  • To present structured processes for generating effective ideas for products, plans, or business needs of any kind

  • To provide tools for enhancing the creative performance of organizational groups and teams

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