Sandy Pokras is president of Viability Group Inc., a team-building, communication-training, and management-consulting firm in Northern California since 1973. His training workshops teach team managers, leaders, facilitators, and members to achieve high-performance teamwork.

This Fifty-Minute™ Series Book is a unique, user-friendly product. As you read through the material, you will quickly experience the interactive nature of the book. There are numerous exercises, real-world case studies, and examples that invite your opinion, as well as checklists, tips, and concise summaries that rein-force your understanding of the concepts presented.

Coverage includes—

  • To explain what teamwork is all about, what roles you’ll play, and how you’ll figure out what to do together.

  • To describe how to make team meetings work, how you can reach agreement with others, and how you can all build your team into a “family” unit.

  • To present the best ways to follow up on teamwork so others, including the managers who support the whole deal, will listen to your decisions.

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