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Part II: Joining a Virtual Team > A Day in the Life of a Virtual Team Member

Chapter 8. A Day in the Life of a Virtual Team Member

What is it like to work on a virtual team? The following scenario illustrates what your day might look like as a member of a virtual team. (In Part V you can read two case studies to get a better idea of how a virtual team might operate on a project.)

7:15 AM Early morning conference call with colleagues in Europe
8:00 AM Drive to client meeting, listen to voicemail on the car phone; leave voicemail messages for those I need to speak with and ask that they call me on my cell phone after 2:00 P.S.T.
8:30 AM Arrive in client’s office for a sales presentation
9:30 AM Check in with administrative assistant from car phone to see what is happening in the main office today; schedule doctor appointment and check in with school counselor
10:00 AM Return home, pick up overnight packages left on front porch, grab faxes while returning to desk, feed and water dog, grab a glass of orange juice
10:15 AM Check email, print those I need to think more about, go through new mail
10:45 AM Initiate short conference call with a colleague to share my current status and resolve joint project issues
11:10 AM Check groupware, review “hot” items, personal action items and recent work activity of other members; work on slide presentation for next client meeting (build on one done last year by colleague from London); develop proposal for new contract and post in shared work space; log and file when done so others will have my current work
12:30 PM Conference call with other members of my team using phone and electronic whiteboard so project models can be viewed at the same time. Agree to finish project started by east coast colleagues and email out to client by end of my west coast day.
12:45 PM Lunch on the patio
1:30 PM Check email, prepare overnight packages and call for pick-up; call travel agent and book airline reservations for meeting next week in New York
1:45 PM Post my airline schedule to see if I can travel with any of my teammates to complete collaborative work projects while in the air; check for any new work posted for me, review shared calendar to check my meeting schedule for tomorrow
2:00 PM Answer phone calls, return email messages, engage in quick online chat with colleague who is also logged on, check off items done on action list, retrieve new faxes, and forward expense report and invoice to central office
3:15 PM Short conference call with my boss to get her input on my presentation
4:00 PM Finalize presentation, review action list, initiate several more phone calls, check voicemail messages, prepare for phone conference with clients in Singapore the following morning
5:30 PM Walk around the block with the dog and begin dinner



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