Deborah has over 20 years experience in Human and Organizational Development in the health care, manufacturing, high tech, and telecommunications industries. She is the president of The York Consulting Team, Inc., a company specializing in the design of large-system culture change interventions, teambuilding and virtual teamwork, and 360 Degree Feedback interventions. She participates in speaking engagements in the United States and internationally.

Lauren is a consultant for The York Consulting Team, Inc. She conducts research, manages product development, and teams with consultants on client sponsored organization development projects including 360 Degree Feedback, teambuilding, Myers-Briggs workshops, and cutting edge teams and technology client work.

Susan is a consultant for The York Consulting Team, Inc. specializing in 360 Degree Feedback, Myers-Briggs, teambuilding and employee satisfaction initiatives. Prior to joining The York Consulting Team, Susan worked as an Organization Development consultant in the telecommunications industry, assisting in the facilitation and acceleration of organizational change efforts.

Coverage includes—

  • To explain the fundamentals of launching a virtual team

  • To describe the benefits and challenges of working in a virtual team

  • To provide tools for assessing individual and team readiness for working in a virtual team

  • To teach the core skills needed for working in a virtual team

  • To provide effective communication techniques for working with members of a virtual team

  • To explore the role of technology for virtual teams

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