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Chapter 8. Management Support Roles > Top 10 Team Sponsor Guidelines

Top 10 Team Sponsor Guidelines

  1. Charter teams you intend to support and no others. When you empower a team, consider that providing adequate information, resources, training, time, guidance and support are a moral obligation.

  2. Clarify your expectations, boundaries and performance standards when you start. Guide, update and reinforce teams so you never have to say no.

  3. Be assertive about what you need and want from teams, but be willing to negotiate about how they want to proceed.

  4. Keep teams informed and let them know how they’re doing, but don’t micromanage.

  5. Attend occasional team meetings when invited or for scheduled agenda items, honoring their ground rules and meeting mechanics. Avoid vague or conflicting feedback to individual team members about public team business.

  6. Hold teams accountable but recognize their achievements too. Uphold agreements with teams and don’t change priorities midstream unless unexpected developments warrant it.

  7. Build mutual trust by treating team members as equals and avoiding intimidation tactics. Encourage openness about problems by coaching, not punishing.

  8. Don’t make unilateral decisions when teams can decide. Avoid knee-jerk reactions when teams may be able to self-correct on their own.

  9. Whenever possible, say yes and take swift action on team proposals, or advise on adjustments needed to win approval.

  10. Report team progress and proposals to upper management with pride, giving them full credit, total support and deserved recognition.



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