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Chapter 18. Handling Team Differences > Storming Recommendations

Storming Recommendations

Here are some principles your team could use to get through storming the best and fastest way.

Welcome Differences
  • Encourage frank expression of personal concerns

  • Accept all input and respect all team members’ positions

  • Find something positive in every divergent view

  • Treat all feelings and opinions as belonging to the whole team

  • Incorporate and integrate all statements into team discussion

  • Document all comments in team notes and minutes

  • Recognize, don’t avoid, frustrated team members

  • Insure anyone can speak openly without repercussions

React Positively
  • Encourage team members to air differences

  • Be positive and constructive in the face of conflict

  • Patiently but assertively moderate discussion, including venting

  • Honor personal needs and advocate for individual welfare

  • Work to fix the problem, not the blame

  • Maintain and enhance individual self-esteem

Use Empathy
  • Listen actively and as an ally

  • Acknowledge understanding before presenting alternatives

  • Insure everyone feels their voice is heard

  • Focus on others’ ideas and feelings

  • Give teammates the benefit of the doubt

  • Try to see things from the other person’s viewpoint

  • Relate similar situations that you’ve observed

Use Positive Feedback
  • Use recognition and advice instead of criticism or punishment

  • Use “I” statements to avoid judging and evaluating

  • Focus on the situation, not the person

  • Coach by being direct, specific, assertive, firm and helpful

  • Use your body language to show that others count

  • Balance everything you do with positive reinforcement

Confront Problems
  • Explore differences by discussing all sides openly

  • Prevent worse problems by acting before things get serious

  • Find root causes, not symptoms, to find solutions

  • When facing problems, remember: Sooner is easier

  • Take personal responsibility whether it’s your problem or not

  • Turn all conflict situations into learning opportunities

Negotiate Solutions Together
  • Try to negotiate win-wins by collaborating on solutions

  • Encourage teammates to solve each other’s problems

  • Facilitate group decision making by seeking consensus

  • Adjust mission, charter, roles and responsibilities as needed



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