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Part IX: Step 6: Implementation > The Value of Action Planning

Chapter 40. The Value of Action Planning

Check those items which would help you implement decisions and solutions.

Realistic Actions: They translate decisions into workable realistic actions the team can identify with.

Concrete Programs: They nail down abstract ideas into concrete programs which are achievable.

Specific Assignments: They give specific assignments so individuals know what to do and when.

Clear Expectations: They create clear expectations so the team know how they will be evaluated.

Effective Delegation: They divide responsibility for effective delegation in a simple way.

Mutual Commitment: They build agreement by establishing mutual commitment to the plan.

Coordinate Action: They coordinate action and thus contribute to team-building and teamwork.

Effective Follow-Up: They provide an effective follow-up mechanism by mapping future checkpoints.

Objective Measurement: They establish a basis for objective results measurement.

Clearcut Accountability: They contribute to clearcut accountability by identifying who is responsible for what.

Save Time: They save time by coordinating action and translating decisions into assignments.

Support Workers: They guide team leaders to know how to support workers without over-supervising.

Employee Involvement: They provide good opportunity for employee involvement in the planning process itself.

Ensure Results: They ensure results by focusing all resources in the best possible way.



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