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Part II: Process Overview > Consumer Tech Case Problem

Chapter 6. Consumer Tech Case Problem

To make the techniques presented in this book more realistic, consider the situation in the Consumer Tech Case Problem. Throughout the book we will apply the methods presented to this problem.

Consumer Tech Case Problem

Consumer Tech is a small company which develops and sells consumer products based on new technology. They have an extremely successful product, the Automatic Toothbrush. Recently, the Engineering Department came up with a dramatic new improvement. They’ve perfected a hands-free circuit which allows the brush to clean teeth electronically. Its called the Electronic Toothbrush.

This has created a problem: The Engineering Manager wants to introduce the development right away. Unfortunately, during test production runs, the Manufacturing Manager has encountered problems producing the new components. The Quality Manager is helping to determine what’s causing the problems.

The Marketing Manager wants to announce the improvements immediately, but the Finance Manager is worried about making the large inventory of Automatic Toothbrushes obsolete if the introduction is done too quickly.

Formal meetings about the Electronic Toothbrush, led by the company President, quickly deteriorate into heated arguments which lead nowhere, and impromptu water-cooler meetings in the hall often become shouting matches.



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