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Chapter 14. The Bottom Line

Next time you are part of a problem-solving or decision-making meeting complete the following form to help you zero in on the points that were well-handled and those that could be improved.

CRITERIA 0 TO 10 RATING (10 = High)
  Participants informed ahead of time. _____
  Participants fully prepared for their role and contribution. _____
  Participants committed to dealing with common issues. _____
  Comfortable, uninterrupted set-up room. _____
  Started on time. _____
  Clear, well-presented agenda. _____
  Agenda followed efficiently with flexibility. _____
  Focused on one issue at a time. _____
  All viewpoints of each issue fully considered before moving on. _____
  Smooth dialogue occurred through coordinated interchange of speaking and listening roles. _____
  Good pace maintained reflecting team momentum. _____
  Participants actively contributed to a balanced interchange. _____
  Participants clearly presented their ideas and sincere feelings. _____
  Participants listened attentively to others’ contributions. _____
  Participants responded directly and constructively to others’ input. _____
  Spontaneous combustion of creative energy and thought stimulated full disclosure of ideas. _____
  Spirit and emotional level of group was high. _____
  Discussion dealt with issues and their solution, not personalities and their conflicts. _____
  Individuals accepted others’ viewpoints without personal attack or nonverbal put-downs. _____
  Members supported the moderator and recorder as they guided the group. _____
  Disruptions and interruptions were handled smoothly. _____
  Final judgments suspended until all input tapped. _____
  Succinct summaries recapped progress and acknowledged results. _____
  Discussion steered effectively to consensus and then stopped. _____
  Action items clearly announced and documented. _____
  Follow-up monitoring mechanism established. _____
  Meeting ended on positive feeling and mutual understanding. _____



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