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Chapter 20. Brainstorming Guidelines > Problem Recognition Quiz

Problem Recognition Quiz

Before you move on to Step 21 in the PS/DM Outline, answer the following items true or false to determine if you have satisfactorily completed Problem Recognition.

Everything you know about the problem has been documented, including all facts and symptoms. _____
A wide circle of viewpoints involved in or affected by the problem were represented in your problem recognition discussions. _____
Customer perceptions and supplier input have been included. _____
All parties feel their viewpoints and perceptions have been included and their voices heard. _____
Your initial investigations balanced the focus on different types of facts, i.e. both hard and soft data. _____
All assumptions were considered while studying the problem and then verified or discarded so that the situation was approached openly and objectively. _____
Any pent-up emotions were vented to clear the air and get to the real issues on everyone’s mind. _____
Questions, information gaps or assumptions about the problem were thoroughly researched using fact-finding techniques and the data collected was added to your symptom/fact list on page 39. _____
You haven’t studied the problem to death, but did only enough initial discussion and data collection to be able to analyze the key trends and issues. _____
Everyone involved recognizes that there is an issue needing to be resolved. _____



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