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Part I: Understanding Facilitation > How Facilitation Differs from Training and...

Chapter 4. How Facilitation Differs from Training and Presenting

Training, public presentations and facilitating share some common behavior and skills and often complement each other; but these are distinctly different developmental activities. Illustrated below are some traits of each.

Training Presenting Facilitation
Participants are present to learn.

Objectives are based upon learning.

Lesson plans are prepared to enhance remarks.

Instructor is a catalyst for learning.

Instructor asks questions to evaluate learning.

Visual and training aids (tapes, films, cases, roleplays) are used to illustrate learning points.

Involvement (experiential learning) is used to learn from others’ experience and retain interest.

Number of participants varies; usually under 50.
Audience is present to receive prepared remarks.

Objectives are based on what is to be communicated— i.e., sell, inform, motivate, describe.

Presenter’s outline is to structure logical presentation.

Presenter primarily answers rather than asks questions.

Visual aids are used to present data, (charts, graphs, tables).

Data, charts, graphs are used to support message or recommendations.

Communication is largely one way from presenter to audience.

Group can be any size.
Participants are members of teams whose mission is to recommend quality improvement.

Objectives are based on process improvements.

An agenda is used to structure the meeting for effectiveness.

Questions are used to develop individual involvement.

Flip chart is used to record team member inputs and ideas.

Facilitator teaches members to use tools for team problem solving.

Facilitator manages the meeting structure, not content. Team size is typically 5–9 members.

May present the team’s improvement recommendations to management.



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