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1: In the following scene, Don (project team member) approaches Nancy (project team member) who is picking up papers from her desk.

Don: So, why are you going through all these old papers?

Nancy: I have spent the entire morning going through all these printouts of old e-mails that I kept from the marketing team that I worked on last year.

Don: Why don’t you just throw them out?

Nancy: Well, I printed out copies so I could go through them instead of just throwing them out. But, I wish I would never have accumulated them in the first place.

Don: If you don’t mind my asking, why did you?

Nancy: We had this team leader who was convinced that we would need all this information, so we were encouraged to communicate with e-mail as much as possible. Consequently, I now have all of this information and I don’t know what to do with it.

Don: Can’t you just contact the team leader and see if he needs any of it?

Nancy: I plan on doing just that. But, first, I need to figure out what I want to keep.

Considering the previous scene, has information permanence become a factor for selecting a communication technology? Why?

2: In the following scene, Benjamin (project team member) and Don (project team member) are seated in a conference room.

Benjamin: I bet you’re excited about your orientation session next week. I can’t imagine getting to fly to Europe to meet with my teammates.

Don: To be honest with you, I wish we could just start working and not worry about flying to meet each other face-to-face. I have too much going on here to waste my time meeting my team members.

Benjamin: But, don’t you need to spend some time getting to know one another?

Don: Oh, I guess so. I’ve been on so many of these virtual teams that sometimes I’d rather skip the formalities and just start doing the work. But, you’re right we do need to get to know one another.

How can Don benefit from personally meeting team members before starting to work with them?



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