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1: In the following scene, Paul (project team member), Melissa (project team member), and David (project team member) are seated in the conference room.

Paul: Okay, I don’t think we’ve decided how we’re going to communicate when we have that meeting on the fifth.

Melissa: Is that the meeting where we’ll decide on the project’s budget breakdown?

Paul: Hmmm, let me check here. Yes, yes, it is.

David: Why are we having a meeting for that? I think we already know how we want to spend the money.

Melissa: Well, not everyone had a chance to express their opinions. Just because we know how we want to spend the money doesn’t mean the rest of the team will agree with us.

Paul: Melissa’s right. We want everyone’s input. So, I’m going to schedule a conference call for the fifth, but then ask the team to vote by logging onto an electronic chat room.

David: Why an electronic chat room? Let’s vote during the conference call.

Paul: Look, I don’t want the three of us to sway any team members’ votes. If we log in to an electronic chat room, everybody gets to vote anonymously and that way they’ll vote for what they think is in the teams’ best interest, not what they think will make us the happiest.

With respect to the previous scene, how can team members give each other the opportunity to contribute in a team meeting? Provide examples to support your answer.

2: Watch the movie clip and then discuss the following:

What will be the impact of the meeting on Paul’s motivational level?

3: Team members can help each other remember important information by _____________.
  1. Encouraging each other to study the agenda of a meeting in advance

  2. Dominating the conversation that takes place in a meeting

  3. Alienating team members

  4. Limiting the time spent by each member on sharing information



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