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1: Watch the movie clip and then discuss the following:

Did Benjamin act the correct way? Why?

2: In the following scene, Paul (project team member), Melissa (project team member), and David (project team member) are seated in a conference room.

Paul: OK, so we’ve decided to implement a gift-with-purchase promotion plan, correct?

Melissa: That’s what the team decided at the last meeting.

David: Well, if we decide to implement this plan, I have some information that might be of interest to the team as a whole.

Paul: Did you want to talk about it now or did you want to wait until the whole team was together?

David: Well, we need to talk about it now and later. See, if we’re going to use a gift-with-purchase plan, we need to change our advertising agencies to Riley Advertising.

Melissa: Wait a minute—I thought we decided to use McEnroe’s firm.

David: Well, I spoke with Ms. Mathers yesterday and she said we had to use Riley. She said it specialized in off-the-shelf promotions.

Melissa: How can we change this now? It’s too late in the project to change advertising agencies.

Paul: Melissa, calm down. We’ll work this out. Every project is going to have changes, and we just need to deal with them.

Considering the previous scene, how did the different cultural variable affect the meeting?

Based on your experiences, give examples of when you were a member of a virtual team and experienced the affects of different cultural variables.



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