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1: In the following scenario, Nicholas, the project manager, and Marisa, a project team member, are seated in the conference room.

Nicholas: Are there any other questions?

Marisa: Nicholas, do we need to talk to our supervisors about the time required to work in this project team?

Nicholas: Good question, Marisa. I’ve already spoken to each of your supervisors. We’ve tweaked a few dates to make sure everyone has time to work in this team. Any other questions? All right. Thanks for coming to this orientation, and thanks for agreeing to work in this team. I’m really looking forward to it.

How did Nicholas built commitment and motivated his team member?

Why is it important to build commitment and motivate team members in a project team?

2: In this scenario, your organization has decided to acquire 500 computers on lease. The task needs to be accomplished in the next 20 days. Marcus, the Purchasing manager, invites the project team for a meeting. In the meeting, he says, “Hi, thanks for finding time for this meeting. We need to acquire 500 computers on lease in the next 20 days. I know it is challenging to get these computers at reasonable prices with excellent service. I will personally monitor the progress daily. Let’s do it.”

What steps should Marcus take to achieve success in the project?

3: Complete this exercise with two teams. Each team must build a tower out of the wooden blocks.

Only one team member, who is blindfolded, will be allowed to make the tower. The other members of the team can guide him or her only by talking. They cannot touch the blocks or the member making the tower.

Ask both teams to share their experiences.

Why do you think the performance of the first team was better than that of the second team?

Share a real-life incident with the class when your team could not succeed due to lack of proper organization.



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