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Chapter 5. Project teams > Types of project teams

Types of project teams

There are five different types of project teams from which to choose:

  • Client-based. Client-based project teams arise from a change in clients’ needs. In some cases, the clients themselves change as a result of an external factor, such as a change in location. A client might also express a need that was previously unfulfilled; project team members must work together to satisfy that need.

  • Company-based. Company-based project teams focus on internal operations that require attention, such as company policies and procedures.

  • Technology-based. Technology-based project teams address technological developments that might affect the organization. For example, a technology-based project team might be assigned to evaluate an organization’s computer network security.

  • Market-based. Market-based project teams focus on responding to market changes. These changes might result from economic factors such as fluctuations in the interest rate, the unemployment rate, or taxes.

  • Regulation-based. Regulation-based project teams review government standards for their industry and ensure organizational compliance with those standards. For example, a tire manufacturing company might create a regulation-based team if the government standards for the disposal of tires changed.



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