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1: In the following scenario, Marisa and John, two team members, are seated in the conference room.

Marisa: John, it seems like we’re in total opposition. I want to do it in one way, and you want to do it in another. What are we going to do?

John: Why don’t we try this: let’s each go over our own proposals and pick out the top two characteristics that we are most committed to. We’ll meet again in a week, share the characteristics, and see if we can reach an agreement on the main points.

Marisa: Good idea, John. After doing that, the details will fall into place.

Identify the cause of the conflict. Do you think the conflict is focused on personal issues and beliefs?

What solution did Marisa and John use to manage the conflict?

2: Watch the movie clip and then answer the following questions:

Did the team work through a single issue at a time?

Do you think the team maintained a cooperative attitude? If yes, how?

3: In this scenario, Mike is the leader of a project team that has decided to discontinue a long-running and formerly successful software program. The team consists of Mike and four other members. In the two months since the last meeting, Mike has discovered that communication between team members has broken down significantly. Due to this communication breakdown, little progress has been made in the project, and no team member wants to assume the responsibility for the lack of progress.

What does Mike need to do?

Put yourself in Mike’s place. How you would handle the situation with the help of the conflict resolution guidelines?



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