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Chapter 14. Listening skills > Comprehensive and supportive listening - Pg. 53

Conducting team meetings State how team goals will be accomplished 3 ­ 13 Finally, the team needs to state how team goals will be accomplished. This information should include the names of team members assigned to work on different elements of the goal, expected time frames, and benchmarks for determining goal completion. This information should be documented by the recorder. Do it! B-2: Setting goals Exercises 1 In the following scenario, Roger, the project manager, Pam, a project team member, and John, a project team member, are seated in the conference room. Roger: Let's get this meeting going. The first item on the agenda is to make a list of goals for our new product line. Pam: Our first goal should be to create customer service support. The customer service department isn't prepared to handle customer questions because they don't know anything about the new product line. John: I've already created documents for marketing and sales that customer service can use to learn about the new product line. Roger: Good job, John. Our next goal should be to create customer support. Do you have technical documents that technical support can use? John: Sorry, Roger. I don't. Pam: I don't either, but I know who can help us with that. I'll go and check with the Engineering department after this meeting is over. Identify the steps that were taken to establish goals for the team. What other steps does the team need to take to establish their goals? 2 Identify the steps in the team goal-setting process. A B C D E F G Ask for suggestions and feedback Generate a list of goals Listen to how your team feels about goals Outline objectives Study and research Look for answers State how team goals will be accomplished