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Chapter 16. Feedback > Exercises


1: Watch the movie clip and then answer the following:

Do you think Marisa listened carefully without any bias?

How did Marisa respond to Nicholas’s feedback?

2: In the following scenario, Linda and John, project team members, are conducting a meeting.

Linda: Hi John. I sent you the analysis sheet on the data that we had compiled yesterday. Have you gone through it?

John: Yes, I did go through it. I don’t think that the data is very supportive of our position.

Linda: I think it is supportive and that my comments show where.

John: Linda, the analysis only says that the areas where waste is occurring can be addressed.

Linda: Wasn’t that the focus of our project?

John: Linda, what’s the reason for the project?

Linda: Improving efficiencies by reducing waste.

John: That’s right. By uncovering areas of waste we’ve only completed the first part. The bigger challenge is to improve efficiencies.

Linda: Thanks for the feedback and for setting me on the right track. Can you think of anyone else I should check with?

John: You sent Ronnie a copy of the report as well. It indicated that the highest waste is happening in his department. Talk to him and get his reaction to the report. He might be offended.

Linda: Okay. I’ll meet Ronnie and work out how to improve on efficiencies. Can I meet you Friday around 2:00 p.m. to talk about this again?

Did Linda use the steps for receiving feedback effectively? Why or why not?



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