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Chapter 26. Continued learning after class > Other resources - Pg. 99

Preparing teams for project work 6 ­ 3 To empower your team, encourage team members to generate new ideas and implement those ideas. As a manager or supervisor, it is important to maintain an open-door policy to provide advice or suggestions, but ideas and the initiative to advance them should belong to the team. Managers and supervisors who fail to empower their teams or act as a resource often have ineffective teams who are afraid to take action, misunderstand the focus, or take inappropriate action. In both cases, team members often resent the managers' or supervisors' involvement or lack of availability, which affects their dedication to the team and their willingness to serve on future teams. Do it! A-1: Building a team Exercises 1 Break into groups of four. You'll be asked to perform a trust exercise. Choose one member of the group to blindfold. Choose another member to be the leader. Next, blindfold the volunteer. Mark two corners in the room or adjacent areas as Point A and Point B. The leader should verbally instruct the blindfolded person to go from Point A to Point B. The remaining two members should assist the leader and ensure that the blindfolded member does not bump into anything.