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1: Watch the movie clip. Based on what occurs, answer the following questions.

What issue is causing the conflict?

What steps did the team take to resolve the conflict?

2: Study the document provided to you by the instructor. Indicate your priority for each value specified in the document by ranking the values from 1-9 (1=highest priority and 9=lowest priority). You’ll be asked to share your most important value with the group.

Observe the group profile for values that was created by polling the class. Now discuss the following questions with the class.

How does the group profile support your values?

How is the group profile in conflict with your values?

What can be done to reduce the conflicts?

3: In this scenario, Dean is leading a project team. The members of the project team are Cindy Becker, a software engineer, and Marcus D’Angelo, a clerk in accounts receivable. For the last month, this team has been assessing the effectiveness of the ARP 2.0 billing software, which is used internally by all Icon Accounts Receivable departments and marketed publicly. The team’s objective is to determine what changes can be made to make the software more efficient and user-friendly and make the changes to the software.

After incorporating the changes, the team is meeting to discuss the results of the internal beta test of the new version of the software. The beta test was not as successful as the team had hoped and the selected-consumer beta test of the new version of the software is scheduled after two weeks.

Now, read each dialog and answer the question that follows it.

Marcus: I don’t think it’s even necessary for me to say it, but we clearly have a big problem on our hands. We have two weeks to get the new version of ARP out for the selected-consumer beta test, and we couldn’t even get it to run right during the internal test.

Cindy: It’ll be okay, Marcus, just don’t panic. Two weeks is enough time to make the necessary fixes.

Marcus: What do you mean? I just said that we couldn’t get the software to work right. There’s no way of getting it out for the consumer beta test on time. Sure, we could give them something to test, but it wouldn’t be worth their time.

Do you think there is a conflict between the team members? If yes, what is the issue?

Dean: Would each of you care to explain in your own words how you see the issue?

Do you think Dean is trying to determine the reason for conflict? If yes, how?

Cindy: Marcus is blowing this all out of proportion. Sure, the internal beta test was bad but that happens. Marcus, you need to relax. You’re going to give yourself a coronary.

Marcus: Might be. You should be a little more concerned about this, Cindy. If you don’t start taking this problem seriously, then we definitely won’t get it done on time.

Do you think the comments made by the team members are related to the issue? Why or why not?

Dean: I’d like each of you to expand on your thoughts and opinions.

Marcus: We have to get this right before we send it to the consumer test. If we don’t, the consumer test won’t be utilized to its fullest capacity because it’ll only show errors that WE should have caught.

Cindy: Another internal test won’t be necessary, if we devote the time we have to making all of the known fixes.

What is Dean’s role in the conversation?

Dean: Our objective was to send out a beta test to the selected-consumer testers. How would you feel if we changed that to, “send out a 90 percent-error-free beta to the consumer testers?”

Marcus: Fine, but it still leaves us with how we get to that 90 percent-error-free status. We’d have to do another internal test to know the results. If we know there are errors, why wouldn’t we take the time to fix them before we send the product beta out?

Cindy: I say we use the entire two weeks we have until the consumer beta test deadline to really concentrate on the problems and fix them right. In this way, we’ll know we’re sending out a much more solid version.

Marcus: Well, I think we should push to have all of the fixes made in a week. Then we’ll have another week to do another internal beta test and address any problems we find in that test.

Dean: I think all of your ideas are valid, but we’re going to have to compromise somewhere in this. Okay?

What steps did Dean take to resolve the conflict?



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