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Part V: Communicating in a project team > Listening skills - Pg. 51

Conducting team meetings Do it! 3 ­ 11 B-1: Understanding introductory meetings Exercises 1 In this scenario, a new project team is conducting its introductory project meeting. The team has established the roles of the members and ground rules, as well as the logistics of team meetings. Max, the chairman of Rofueller, is addressing the team. "Global warming is an issue of huge concern. Snowcaps are melting and ocean levels are rising. Beaches will be washed away and countries might cease to exist. We have decided to take this issue seriously. In our organization, we will adhere to international guidelines to remain eco-friendly. We need to identify any non- eco-friendly practices in our business and eliminate them in the next three months. To accomplish this task, the Green team has been formed. All staff and members are being instructed to cooperate with the Green team." Why is Max addressing the team? What was the expected result?