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Chapter 7. Working together > Group discussions

Group discussions

1: In the following scene, Jennifer (employee) is glancing up at a bulletin board in the hallway and making notes in her day planner when Amy (employee) walks up to her.

Amy: (Approaching Jennifer) Hey, did you receive the marketing analysis I e-mailed you?

Jennifer: (Thinking and slightly shaking her head) No, I don’t think so.

Amy: (Surprised and sarcastic) Great. I sent it to you several days ago. You should have gotten it by now.

Jennifer: (Concerned) You know, I think something’s wrong with the server. It’s been acting up for about a week now. I really don’t feel safe sending anything of importance through the e-mail.

Amy: (Frustrated) Just what I wanted to hear. I really wanted to get your opinion on it before I met with Mr. Stevenson this afternoon.

Jennifer: (Apologetic) Amy, I’m really sorry.

Amy: (Reassuring) Don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault. I should have personally delivered something this important to you myself. I’ll know better next time.

Why did Amy get so frustrated?

If you had been in a similar situation, how would you have felt and how would you have solved the problem later? Cite examples of similar situations which you have encountered.

2: In the following scene, Sarah (employee) and Amy (employee) are seated at Sarah’s cubicle going over some papers. Sarah looks up.

Sarah: (Shaking her head and cutting straight to the point) What happened to the report you were supposed to prepare?

Amy: (Apologetic) I got behind with some other work. I’m still working on it but it’s almost ready.

Sarah: (Obviously very sarcastic and demeaning) You obviously can’t handle the extra responsibilities of being in the team. If you mess up something simple like this, there’s no way you could handle a bigger assignment.

Amy: (Angry) What’s the big deal? Like I said, it’s almost done.

Did you like the way Sarah spoke to Amy? Would you like it if your boss had spoken to you in a similar way?

Discuss how Sarah could improve her communication skills.



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