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1: In the following scene, Matt (employee), Brian (employee), Sarah (employee), and Jennifer (employee) are in the lounge area. There are a few papers and folders scattered on the table. The meeting is already underway.

Brian: (Talking to the group) Hey, did you see the game last night? Talk about a great comeback.

Jennifer: (Nodding in agreement) I know. I think they’ve got a good shot at winning the conference title.

Matt: (Excited and animated) They’re definitely a team to watch out for.

Sarah: (Interrupting, referring to the agenda) No offense guys, but is there any way we can get back to discussing these R&D costs? I would really like to get out of this meeting and back to work.

Matt: (Nodding in agreement and going back to his notes) Sure…(grinning) but it was a great game. (Sarah smiles in response)

What was about to happen if Sarah had not interrupted Brian and Matt in the conversation?

Have you had any similar experiences? Share you thoughts with the class.

2: In the following scene, Jeff (manager) is sitting at his desk in his office and Brian (employee) is seated across from him.

Jeff: (smiling, putting some papers aside) So, Brian, what can I do for you?

Brian: (slightly frustrated) Well, I have a slight problem and I know that you told us that we could always come to you for help.

Jeff: (smiling, but concerned) Sure. What’s wrong?

Brian: (frustrated) Well, my computer keeps crashing and at the rate I’m going, I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to have the presentation ready by Friday. There’s something wrong with one of the programs on my computer and until I figure out what the problem is, I’m kind of at a standstill. Is there any way I can use a different computer?

Jeff: (reassuring) Oh, of course. I’ll talk to Mr. Williams in the I.S. department and see if I can have another computer sent down for you.

Brian: (smiling and appreciative) That’d be great. Thanks a lot for help. I really appreciate it.

Is Brian justified in being frustrated in the situation?

If you were present in a similar situation, would you also have been upset? Share your experiences.

Discuss the effect of inadequate resources on the efficiency of a team.



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