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1: In the following scene, Steve (employee), Julie (employee), and Susan (employee) are seated in a conference room, chatting. Mr. Hirsch (manager) enters and takes a seat at the table.

Mr. Hirsch:(Noticing Steve as he’s sitting down, smiling) Steve, I haven’t seen you much this week! Where have you been hiding?

Steve:(Pleasantly, smiling) I’ve been swamped with the Davis account. No one’s seen much of me lately.

Mr. Hirsch:(To Susan, as he’s getting his papers organized) And Susan, I’m glad you made it back from the conference in time to be here. How was it?

Susan:(Pleasantly) Oh, it was great—one of the better conferences I’ve attended.

Mr. Hirsch:(Pleasant) Well, I look forward to hearing about it. (Raising his voice slightly, and looking around) Okay, folks, I have the budget information you’ve all been waiting for. (He begins to distribute papers) Now, I know you have a lot of questions, but I’ve decided we’ll wait until after you’ve all had a chance to go over it before we deal with questions.

Suppose Mr. Hirsh did not smile and takes a long pause before he starts speaking. How would Steve’s reaction have been different?

What are some of the nonverbal cues used by people in the scene, and what meanings you can derive from them?

2: Eye contact provides more nonverbal cues than any other type of nonverbal communication. True or false?
3: Your instructor will divide you into two groups.

The first group is traveling in a scientific mission through space and is running out of fuel. Their only alternative is to land on an unknown planet and try to get enough fuel to return home.

The second group (the “aliens”) belong to a civilization where everything is different, the physical appearance, the culture, the social organization, and the language. Communication can only be initiated by identifying a key, which might be a word, a symbol, or an object.

The travelers must try to discover the communication key for the aliens.

How do the aliens and the travelers communicate? Which language do they use?



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