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Chapter 9. Your Team Is Not Alone > Project Management: A Team Challenge - Pg. 103

Your Team Is Not Alone If you answered "no" to any of the preceding questions, take steps to correct it. 103 Project Management: A Team Challenge When companies are faced with special types of projects, usually one-time tasks (such as intro- ducing a new product to the market, moving to a new location, or developing a new product or service), rather than assign it to one or more operating teams, they often create a project manage- ment team. These teams may be full-time activities for major projects, but often are part-time. The members continue to do their jobs in their regular teams in addition to working on the projects. Project Teams Are Interdepartmental This new group is chosen from several departments and is given the responsibility of handling all matters related to the project. Project team leaders have the authority to obtain from various de- partments in the company the personnel, information, equipment, and anything else needed to per- form the assignment. The person chosen to be project manager is usually an experienced team leader who has expertise in the activity the project involves. Some of the project manager's first tasks are listed here: · Assemble a multidepartmental team that includes representatives from various parts of the or- ganization to plan and implement the project. Team Terms