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Chapter 9. Your Team Is Not Alone > Your Niche in the Company Structure - Pg. 99

Your Team Is Not Alone 99 Your Niche in the Company Structure Teams are created for specific purposes. Most often it is to perform a special function within a department. For example, an engineering team's function might be product design; a financial team, budgeting; a human resources team, recruiting; a marketing team, sales forecasting, and so on. As noted earlier, temporary teams may be formed to handle one-time problems, such as preparing a move to a new location or investigating and recommending new equipment. As a team leader, your responsibility is to ensure that your team's mission and objectives are consistent with those of the organization. Team Builder Meet regularly with team members to reinforce their understanding of the team's goals and how those goals fit in with the company's overall objectives. The Team's Mission When the team is organized, the team leader should meet with the department head for input on