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Chapter 9. Your Team Is Not Alone > Project Management: A Team Challenge - Pg. 105

Your Team Is Not Alone 105 Usually the partners in a joint venture will be two or more teams in the organization, but sometimes they may be outsiders, subcontractors, or vendors. When Sweet Sixteen Cosmetics was preparing to launch its new line of hair-care products, it created a joint venture of its hair-care brand management team and a similar team from its advertising agency. It started off badly. The ad agency people were much more aggressive, and impatient to get moving fast. The company team was more cautious and wanted to make sure every possible contingency was discussed and prepared for. Fortunately, the team leaders recognized the problem and sat down to work out a modus operandi both teams could live with, and the project went ahead smoothly. Whether the partners are in the same firm or one is an outsider, the approach to success is the same. Let's say that your team and Lara's team have been assigned to develop a distribution plan for a new product. What can you and Lara do to ensure the joint venture will run smoothly? FYI Over the past few years many organizations have downsized and reorganized, sometimes eliminating entire teams and departments by outsourcing the work they performed to independent contractors--often the very people they had laid off. They invite these people to join with the company's teams to share in collaborative