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Chapter 9. Your Team Is Not Alone > Project Management: A Team Challenge - Pg. 104

Your Team Is Not Alone 104 Prioritizing the Work When one of your team members is assigned to a project team, either full-time or part-time, his or her work still has to be done. Maybe the company will provide you with a temp to help out, but more likely, you will have to spread the work among the rest of the team. Darlene, for example, is not only working on a project for you but is also on the quality assurance team. Harry, a member of your team, has been asked to work on a special project for another manager. All these assignments are important, but you're responsible for getting the work on your project accomplished. What can you do when members of your team have other assignments that are equally important or when your team is facing several high-priority tasks that must be completed in the same time frame? Heads Up! Don't be afraid to say no. If your team is already overburdened and some members are working on special projects, turn down the assignment. When you say no, show how taking on the assignment will inhibit com- pletion of other higher-priority projects, and suggest alternative solutions.