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Chapter 7. Who's Gonna Do the Work? > Delegation Dynamics - Pg. 84

Who's Gonna Do the Work? 84 FYI If you have a difficult task, assign it to a capable but lazy person. He or she will find an easy way to do it. To keep everyone informed, create a chart listing each phase of the assignment, the person handling it, deadlines, and other pertinent information. Break down the assignments and list them on a chart with the name of the person assigned to each phase, deadline dates, and other pertinent information. Post the chart in the office for easy referral. The Least You Need to Know · For the many routine tasks a team performs, write meaningful job descriptions. · Spread the work equitably. All associates should share unpleasant assignments as well as participate in challenging ones. · Enlist the entire team in the planning process. · When planning a project, help team members reach consensus so all will understand it and be committed to its success. · Don't give orders: Request or suggest that associates perform a job.