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Chapter 7. Who's Gonna Do the Work? > Assigning the Work - Pg. 75

Who's Gonna Do the Work? 75 Team Terms When someone makes a practice of studying a job and asking "Can it be performed with less effort?" "Can it be done at lower cost?" "Can it be improved in any way?" he or she is practicing constructive discontent . · Welcome suggestions and ideas. Maintain a climate of creativity and innovation. Promote an attitude of constructive discontent so that members continually review their work and seek ways to do it better. · Meet on a regular basis with associates to discuss their current perceptions of their roles and the work they do. There are jobs that are unpleasant, physically or mentally strenuous, boring, or just no fun. Some- body has to do them. When you give one of your team members a job like this, you're likely to get groans, objections, or even outright rebellion. They come up with all kinds of excuses: "I'm no good at that." "I did it last time. It's someone else's turn."