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Chapter 7. Who's Gonna Do the Work? > Assigning the Work - Pg. 73

Who's Gonna Do the Work? 73 Team Terms A job description details the duties, functions, and responsibilities of a job and indicates the standards on which performance will be measured. Delegating Responsibility Whether only one or several team members perform these standard jobs, the determination of what should be done is usually made when the job was created or revised and is formalized in a job description. Usually, the job description is the result of an analysis of the job by industrial engineers, systems specialists, or members of the Human Resources Department who analyze the job and come up with a job description. As these "experts" are usually not as familiar with the job as the team leader and the members who perform the job, job descriptions often do not reflect the real work being done. This can be overcome if the team leader takes an active part in writing them. In a team-oriented organization, job descrip- tions are best made by the team itself.