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Chapter 19. When the Team Is Brand - New > Select Members from Within the Compa... - Pg. 251

When the Team Is Brand - New 251 Staffing your team with members who have these personal characteristics, plus creativity, integrity, loyalty, and enthusiasm, is essential to the team's success. When you list the intangible requirements for a job, however, put them in proper perspective as they relate to the work. If a job calls for communication skills, specify exactly which com- munication skills you need: for example, one-to-one communication, the ability to speak to large groups, innovative telephone sales methods, or creative letter-writing skills. If a job calls for "attention to detail," specify what type of detail work. If a job calls for "the ability to work under pressure," indicate what type of pressure (for example, daily deadlines, occa- sional deadlines, round-the-clock sessions, difficult working conditions, or a demanding team leader). Team Builder The intangibles that make for success on a job are just as important as education, skills, and experience. In making your job analysis, be as diligent in determining the intangible factors as you are in assessing the tangible ones. It's important that new team members fit in with the team. This doesn't mean that they all must