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Chapter 19. When the Team Is Brand - New > Organize the Team - Pg. 258

When the Team Is Brand - New 258 · Show members how they can help one another. Note that helping associates learn new tech- niques, solve tough problems, or overcome disappointments will be considered in their per- formance reviews. · Emphasize each person's importance to the team's success. Each member has been picked for the team because of his or her special qualifications. Working together will give them the op- portunity to not only do their own best work, but benefit from the work of the entire team. End the orientation meeting with a free period in which members can chat with each other and get started on knowing their teammates. FYI "Managing requires setting aside one's ego to encourage the work of others. It requires a 'big picture' and team perspective rather than an individual achiever perspective." --Sara M. Brown, management consultant Members: Get Started on the Right Foot The team leader alone cannot make a team successful, All associates must take active roles in getting the team going. Here are some tips for new team members: 1. Learn your job.Study every aspect of the job. Ask the team leader and associates for sug- gestions on articles to be read, courses to be taken, and company materials that may be available to help you get started properly. Be friendly, but not too familiar with your team leader and associates.A common concern when joining a team is how you'll get along with the leader and teammates. This is especially true if you join an established team. There's no reason to be jittery. The leader wants you to succeed and has confidence that you will. That's why she hired you. Your teammates need your contributions. They'll welcome you. Caution: Until you know these people better, don't push yourself on them. Don't ask questions about their personal lives and don't tell them all of your troubles. Be receptive to their overtures for friendship, but don't be too aggressive. Be an active participant.The essence of teamwork is the participation of every member in setting goals, determining procedures, and implementing the work. One of the exciting aspects of team activity is the interaction among team members and the joy of seeing your collaborative efforts pay off. Don't try to change things immediately.If you join an established team, even if you believe you can improve a method or procedure, wait until you're on the job for a while before sug- gesting it. Hold your ideas until you have earned the right to express them by your performance on the job. On the other hand, if the entire team is starting out at the same time, your sug- gestions and ideas are as valuable as any other team member's from day one. Don't align yourself with the malcontents.In most teams there will be some members who are never happy. They find fault with every decision and complain about everything. They make a strong effort to recruit new members to their clique. Keep away from them. 2. 3. 4. 5.