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Chapter 19. When the Team Is Brand - New > Select Members from Within the Compa... - Pg. 255

When the Team Is Brand - New · · · · · · · "Solid training in the work I'll be doing." "Respect." "Opportunity to participate fully in team activities." "Fair treatment." "Recognition for my accomplishments." "Interesting and challenging assignments." "Tell me what you want to accomplish and then let me do it." 255 In evaluating the candidate, you pick the answer(s) that meet your desires. Questions to Ask Prospect's Current or Past Leaders Unlike attempting to get reference information from a former employer (see Chapter 22), you are more likely to get complete and accurate information about a prospect from another supervisor or team leader in your own company. Before sitting down with the current or former leader, read the personnel file. Note any areas in the file you want to explore with the leader. For example, in Jerry's performance review two years ago, a comment was made on his failure to meet deadlines. No similar comments appeared in later reviews. Discuss with the leader whether this has changed. In Eileen's review, you noted that most of her work was of the type that was done on her own. Is this an indicator of her inability to work with others or just the nature of the work? Explore this with her leader. To ensure that you obtain all the information you need, interview the current or former leader in a systematic manner. Even if the leader is a close friend, make it a formal meeting, not just part of one of your everyday chats. Here are some questions that should be asked: