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Chapter 19. When the Team Is Brand - New > Select Members from Within the Compa... - Pg. 254

When the Team Is Brand - New 1. 254 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What are your career goals?Unless the prospect's goals can be met in your team, there's no point in hiring him or her. Marge tells you her goal is to create marketing programs; your team does market research. She'll be disenchanted early on. Ted wants to be a team leader. All members of your team are periodically assigned leadership roles. This will be a good team for him to get the skills needed to meet his goal. Tell me about a typical assignment in your present job that you particularly liked.The answer should be in line with the type of work that will be done in your team. Probe for details so you can get a clear picture of what she has done. It also indicates whether the prospect prefers working on her own or on projects where several members are involved. Now tell me about an assignment you had that you really didn't enjoy doing.If your job involves a good deal of these assignments, think twice about hiring this prospect. Tell me about some of the suggestions or ideas you made at company meetings that influ- enced the decisions that were reached.The answer will show creativity and participation in meetings. How did you persuade other team members to accept your ideas?This will give you insight not only into the prospect's persuasive ability, but also into how he or she interacted with other team members. What was your greatest disappointment in your present job? How did you deal with it?Stewart said his greatest disappointment was that his team did not complete a major project on dead- line. In fact, they were two weeks late. He said he had knocked himself out to do his part, but the other team members were lazy and unwilling to put in the extra effort and additional hours needed. What does this tell you about Stewart? It could mean he's a hard worker and willing to exert himself. This would be an asset. It could also mean that he is self-centered. He called his associates lazy. He didn't mention trying to help or motivate them. The leader should probe to learn more about his relations with the other members. What leadership roles did you take on your team?If the prospect says he or she has never had that opportunity, ask questions on how the team operated. In some teams, members never get a chance to lead. If the prospect did lead subteams or other groups, learn as much as you can about what was done, how the prospect functioned as leader, and what resulted. Team Terms The ability of a person to work as a collaborative member of a team is called teamability. 8. 9. 10. Describe how your job fit in with the team's activities.Probe to find out how participative the prospect was, what initiatives he took, how he worked with other members, how he reacted to the team leader's management style. Take your time and listen carefully. The answers to this question can give you a good sense of this prospect's teamability . If you join our team, what would you do to get started on the right foot?The answer should include studying the job description and performance standards, but should also emphasize getting to know the team members--not just as coworkers, but as individual persons. If you join our team, what would you expect from me as your team leader?At a seminar I conducted, I surveyed a group of team members about how they would respond to this ques- tion. Here are some of their responses: